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Refer A Friend And Qualify For A Gift

As you know, the LSC Group has over 20,000 graduates from over 130 countries. Most of these students came to us through recommendations from friends. We have recently received a number of requests from our alumni for a scheme to reward such referrals with a token of appreciation. In response, we have decided that from now on we will show our appreciation through a gift of £250.

The vast majority of our alumni highly value the benefits they derived from the high quality education they received from LSC and are therefore very keen to refer others who would benefit from that education. If you think someone you know will benefit from studying with us, please send us recommendations with their contact details and one of our admissions team will contact them. To show our appreciation, you will receive a £250 reward for each of up to three referrals we receive from you who successfully enrols with us.

You are some of our greatest and most authentic ambassadors. Keep telling the LSC story and help transform the life of someone you know.

As you will appreciate, all rewards offered in any form, including vouchers or credits, are made as gifts and do not constitute an agency agreement. All admissions decisions are made by LSC staff in accordance with programme admissions criteria, irrespective of any referral which may have been made.

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